Retouch Pro Photoshop Panel For Lifetime Usage

If you’re looking for Retouch Pro Photoshop Panel at an affordable price, so you’re at the absolute right place. Because here in this post I am sharing with you the new version of Retouch Pro Photoshop Panel.

Retouch Pro has been created for professional and amateur photographers, editors, and graphic designers & photo studio businesses. This panel 6 languages available (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian).

Face & Body Recognition:

Retouch Pro Panel has a very powerful and advanced Artificial intelligence system that works in line with Photoshop giving the user faster results and professional results too, you can modify Eyes, Lips, Mouth, and the form of the face with a single touch or cut out the subject in the photo with 1 click.

Retouch Pro is the most advanced and powerful photoshop panel ever created. With more than 150 functions, including real artificial intelligence technology Retouch Pro will transform the way and vision of how you edit your photos.

☆ F E A T U R E S ☆

  • Skin Retouch

  • Eyes Retouch

  • Hair Retouch

  • Lips Retouch

  • Clothes retouch

  • Artificial Intelligence: Face Recognition

  • Artificial Intelligence: Body Recognition

  • +20 Professional presets

  • Watercolor

  • Overlays: Snow, Rain, Sun, Dust

  • Split Toning and Color Grading

  • AI Realistic background Blur

  • AI Realistic background-color

  • and much more

Photoshop Panel Works Only on PC, with:

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Adobe Photoshop CC versions from 2014 to 2021

After purchasing you need to send me a screenshot of the successful payment on my WhatsApp number and then get the download link.

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