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Photomotion - 3D Photo Animator 6 in 1 [Free Download]

Photomotion uses a proprietary viewport engine that is able to switch to full power (e.g. final rendering) or use a lighter type of computer when working on your animation in the preview window.

Photomotion 3D Photo Animator helps you to build 3d animated scenes as complex as you need. Static images almost always perform worse compared to video/3D. This results in lower user attention. You can expect up to an 8x user engagement increase by using 3D images done with Photomotion. And Photomotion can make your 3D images really pop making sure your audience notices you and your work.

New 2021 Update:

  • Bigger, Faster, Better, with new PHOTO MOTION• you can animate:

  • PeopleLandscapes

  • Architecture

  • Animals

  • Food

  • Products

  • Cinemagraphs

  • Boomerangs

  • Photographs

  • Indoor / Outdoor Spaces

  • Night Sky

  • Organic Elements

  • Parallax

  • + many more

Included Photomotion:

  1. Glacier

  2. Horizon

  3. Mirage

  4. Parallax

  5. Portrait

Hardware Requirements:

We’ve tested Photomotion on a wide variety of computers and determined these minimum requirements 4GB Ram, 2GHz CPU, 40GB free space on a hard drive.


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