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GraphicRiver - Lomo Light Leaks Overlays "Full Pack"

Lomo Photo Effect is a Mixture of High Contrast, high Saturation, Unsaturated Colors and Retro Effect. Lomo Effect can Be Captured with Analog Cameras. This Unique Style of Photo Effects Occurs Due to Variation of Color, which are the Outcome of Improper Volor Reproduction and Dark Blurry Edges with High Sharp Edges.

A Big Collection of 30 Lomo Light Leaks Overlays

This Collection Contains all you Need and is the Perfect Solution to add Special Lomo Light Optical Effect in your Photos



The Main file contains:

  • 2 Photoshop Actions for Vertical & Horizontal Photos

  • 2 PSD Templates for Vertical & Horizontal Photos

  • 30 Lomo Light Leaks Overlays

  • 30 Lomo Light Leaks PS Patterns pat.

  • Format: JPG – ATN – PAT – PSD

  • Quality Image: 100

  • Size: 5000×5000px

  • Resolution: 300 dpi

  • Instructions, Step by Step

  • for How to Use Overlays & Actions on Photoshop

  • Included on Main file (3 PDF files)

What Is Overlay?

An Overlay is an Image that is Added to your Photo as an Extra Layer. Photoshop Overlays can Create an Extra Effect,Like Light , Lightning,Lens Flare, Snow, Rain, Clouds, etc. or add Texture to your Photos. It’s Very Helpfull to Photographers.


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