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Golden Orange - Color Grading Photoshop Action

One Click Action Perfect for photographers and graphic designers. These effect is professionally designed to give your images a magic and remarkable tone, enabling you to streamline your editing process and enhance your images. All of our products have been tested on a variety of images and they are very versatile. As photographers ourselves we use these tools to speed up our workflow, and give our images a creative edge.

Infinite Color Panels are very easy to use. By default, you click on the large, colorful “Create” button in the panel, and with each click, you are quickly presented with a different color status – until you find something. Keep clicking like; from there you can adjust the opacity of the layer group to increase/decrease the color grade intensity.

Additionally, under the “Create” button, there are 3 different options for “Light”, “Medium” and “Intense”, which affect the amount or intensity of the color grade applied to the image. The amount of control on both the effect level, being able to adjust the opacity of the group, and being able to adjust the opacity of each individual adjustment layer – each of which affects the final degree of color – and all of them Manages to do something, After all, this means that you can quickly and easily fix the effect of your choice.


  • Easy to use

  • No destructive

  • Professional effects

  • Works on any version of photoshop

  • One Click Action

Files Included

  • ATN Files

  • Help Files


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