Badge on Glass - MockUp Set

Badge on Glass is a mockup that can present the badge in different angles that you can use for your design, suitable for brands, and consists of separate layer sets. A help file is included.

How It Works_

When you open any of the PSD files, you will see in the layers panel layers folder.

Choose anything you need and open it.

2 - You will see a smart layer distinguished in red color. This is that you need.

3 - They contain the smart objects. Just double click on the thumbnail of this smart layer. Photoshop will open a new document in a new window.

4 - Insert your image into it, hide or delete an old layer that was there befor and click on «file»,»save» or CTRL + S (for PC) Cmd + S (fot Mac) Done! Now your image is placed in the mock-up

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